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MacBook Pro 2016: USB Port Type-C, OLED bar, Touch ID … The rumors confirmed!

MacBook Pro 2016: USB Port Type-C, OLED bar, Touch ID … The rumors confirmed!

The MacBook Pro 2016 should really be innovative. Bloomberg mentioned its features in a very detailed article.


Earlier in the day, MeltyStyle confided to you that the IPhone 7 could be formalized on September 7, also chosen by Sony for its Playstation 4 Neo. So the new Apple smartphone is really not very far away. But for the MacBook Pro 2016, which is particularly interested in Apple addicts, it will probably take longer to wait. This is in any case what Bloomberg says through an article by the talented Mark Gurman. The opportunity for former 9TO5MAC reporter to come back to the rumors about the computer, and to confirm some of them. According to him, the MacBook Pro 2016 will be very different from previous generations.


For the past four years, the MacBook Pro has not evolved much. But with version 2016, this should change drastically. If we believe Mark Gurman, the new Apple Computer would be more thin and lighter than its predecessors, as has already been mentioned. It would incorporate an OLED bar above the keyboard, which would use the Organic Light-Emitting diode technology. This would replace the function keys for more convenient use. In addition to a USB Type-C Port, the new MacBook Pro would also be equipped with a Touch ID button, placed at the power button level. Finally, it could embed an AMD Polaris graphics chip to seduce the gamers. Pretty attractive features, right? To be confirmed, you will probably have to wait until the end of the year. So what do you say?
MacBook Pro and iphone 7 don’t “talk”: Need an Adapter

MacBook Pro and iphone 7 don’t “talk”: Need an Adapter

Apple eliminates USB ports in favor of Thunderbolt connectors and iphone 7 owners discover they need an adapter to connect the two devices
Paraphrasing a famous quote, you could say “Cupertino, we have a problem”. Who attended the presentation of the MacBook Pro 2016 last October 27th had a little gasp thinking: “And now, how do I connect the iphone 7 to this computer?”.


Perhaps taken from their innovative thrust, Apple designers and technicians have not taken into account that their flagship smartphone connects to the PC (to make or restore a backup, for example) via a normal USB cable. This, in fact, is the “standard equipment” of every iphone sold to date. Too bad, however, that in the new MacBook Pro the USB ports have been eliminated to make room for the third-generation Thunderbolt ports (two or four depending on the model you want to buy): In their basic configuration, therefore, iphone 7 and MacBook Pro 2016 will not be able to talk to each other.


Communication problem


To connect the two devices you will need to purchase a USB-Thunderbird adapter from the official store of Apple bitten (cost 29 euro): a problem that they had already faced, in September, users who bought the iphone 7 but did not want to throw in the garbage bucket their old earphones with audio jack from 3.5 mm (present, instead, in the MacBook Pro).


A choice, to eliminate the “normal” USB ports in favor of the Thunderbolt ports (which use, instead, USB Type-C connectors), which has already raised several controversies. Some international commentators are wondering if communication problems do not exist only at the level of devices, but also at the level of development departments. And why a computer and a smartphone presented a few weeks apart from each other need an adapter to be able to connect to each other. Some speculate that both the iphone 7 and the MacBook Pro 2016 are two “intermediate devices” towards a future without ports, made of communication and wireless charging. While waiting, however, equipped with the right adapters.