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Thunderbolt 3, the free revolution of Intel

Thunderbolt 3, the free revolution of Intel

The U.S. corporation announces important news for the future of the interface, which will soon become free and should therefore spread on all new PCs. A revolution equal to that of the USB port?
Rome-After following the path of the proprietary approach and the quasi-exclusive partnership with Apple, Intel has now decided to veer drastically in the free direction to the future of Thunderbolt 3: The latest generation of universal calling hardware interface will be free for OEMs, announced the Colossus of the x86 chips, and the consequences of the new approach will be felt through the entire hi-tech industry.


Thunderbolt 3 wants to be a unifying interface in a world full of doors, competing cables and standards, a technology to connect external devices to PCs and mobile gadgets that fuses in the same electrical signal the communication on the PCI Express (PCIe) and DisplayPort with a lot of power feeds to direct current for the supply of the system; The port used by the interface is USB type-C, i.e. a small connection and that more practical to use you could not.


Intel says it wants to finally integrate the Thunderbolt 3 interface directly into its future CPUs, while the technology specs will pass to the new royalty-free regime by next year. In this way, OEMs will be able to make new computer systems that are increasingly compact, light and convenient, says Chipzilla again. Also Microsoft is obviously of the game, with an increasingly extended support coming into the future revisions of Windows 10.La new incarnation of Thunderbolt 3 does tell someone that soon will arrive the time of obsolescence for the historian-and still “universal”-USB cable used of the interface homonym, yet another technological “extinction” that should bring with it the disappearance of adaptors, tangles of wires on the desk and assorted incompatibility issues.


From the point of view of Intel, finally, the future of Thunderbolt 3 provides not only hyper-fast connections between peripherals with data rates from 40Gbps, but also a new mainstream market for single-cable docks, 4k/5k photos and videos, VR experiences indistinguishable from reality and “faster than ever” storage.